About us

In 1960, the Arab Horse Society was founded in Israel, with the goal of encouraging and nurturing the breeding of the thoroughbred Arab horse in Israel. Today, the Arab Horse Association has about 500 members and about 10,000 purebred Arabian horses.

It all started when the late Count Stefan Zamowski, who loved horses very much and had a warm attitude toward Israel, obtained as a donation one male and four purebred mares that were listed in the English Studbook. His goal was to bring praise to the local Arabian horse that had been common in Israel until then. Count Stefan Zamowski was also responsible for Israel being accepted as a full member of the World Arabian Horse Organization for Arab Horse Breeding (W.A.H.O).

The horses that were donated to the Horse Lovers Society (the first name of the Arab Horse Society) were kept in the Ramat-Gan National Park and a number of breeds were born what proved to the Israelis the characteristics of the pure Arabian horse. From this point on, a number of people began to import Arabian horses to Israel.

Until 1977 there were 20 purebred horses in Israel. In the early 1980s there was a revolution among horse breeders in the country and many moved towards the care of the Arabian horse. Today, in 2011, there are about 10,000 purebred horses are listed in the studbook of the Israeli Arabian Horse Society. All modern horse breeds originate from the thoroughbred Arabian horse from the desert, whose heritage began 3500 years ago in the deserts of the Middle East and ancient Persia.

In previous cultures there are many stories describing the role that these horses played in daily life. One of the most beautiful in these stories is from 1580 BC, from the time of ancient Egypt and describes in a hieroglyphic description the Egyptians and their desert horses. It is narrated in the Book of Kings that King Solomon brought in great of his wisdom his thoroughbred horses from Egypt. The heritage of the Arabian horse paints a picture of classic beauty. It is easy to understand today why these horses have been highly esteemed by any person over the years. The thoroughbred horse is known as one of the most important sources for the improvement of modern horse breeds nowadays. This improvement has been carried out over the centuries and to its credit many of the special features of the purebred Arabian horse.

The shape of the Arabian horse is very special compared to other existing breeds: a small head in the shape of a wide forehead, its large eyes dark and fixed on the sides of the head, its nose and mouth becoming narrower. The neck of the Arabian horse is arched and long, its tail serving as one of the most important hallmarks always proudly raised upwards. These horses are endowed with great delicacy, light and gentle movement, good character and exceptional endurance which enabled them to live in the harsh conditions that prevailed in the Middle East for hundreds and thousands of years.

The Arabian Horse Association holds courses and workshops for breeders and exhibitors, runs a magnificent studbook whose name precedes it all over the world. It also holds 4 important events each year:
1. Spring Show
2. Galilee Show
3. Egyptian Show
4. Israel national championship show

In recent years, a number of horses from Israel have participated in international exhibitions that have taken place abroad and have achieved considerable success at European and world championships, reflecting the high level of Arabian horse care in Israel.